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  • Faq

    No, the procedure is harmless Interferes with other treatments? No, indeed synergize the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy How long does an application? An hour How many sessions have to be done? It is 10 sessions, repeated over time There are...

  • The small cell lung cancer

    and that suggests a systemic disease from the beginning. The small cell (SCLC) is very sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy (because of the cell being highly kinetic) and therefore usually responds brilliantly to the first line therapy. Usually,...

  • Melanoma

    years or more. The metastatic sites typical of this disease are lymph nodes, liver, lungs and brain. What is the role of radiotherapy and hyperthermia? Unfortunately, melanoma responds poorly to chemotherapy and in case of strategically placed injuries...

  • Neoadjuvant Hyperthermia

    treatment is much more manageable. Hyperthermia can also be used as a neoadjuvant, and combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy before surgery, can indeed contribute noticeably to the tumor mass reduction. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Oncological Hyperthermia a novel approach in cancer cure

    it is in this perspective that we consider oncologic hyperthermia, in combination to surgery, to chemotherapy, and to radiotherapy in its manifold facets. Speaking in detail about hyperthermia, it is worth illustrating its potentialities, the fields of...

  • Chromogranin A

    Tumor markers are an aid in monitoring the advancement of a neoplastic disease that has already been diagnosed. They include various kinds of substances produced in excess by the diseased cells which can be measured in the patient's plasma or serum....

  • Hyperthermia: the state of the art

    Oncological hyperthermia is going through a second youth. Since the first experiments back in the '80s, many are the improvements apported to the method of this kind of treatment . Not only in the comprehension of the working mechanisms of hyperthermia...

  • The relationship with the doctor

    official communications. There he will agree to be two people: one who listens patiently to all pseudogiustificazioni radiotherapy for certain applications that have been proposed and at the same time, those who anxiously inquiring with you about the...

  • Liver metastases

    can be attempted. Hyperthermia is also used in the treatment of multiple liver metastases. Similarly, stereotactic radiotherapy can be used in specific cases. Conclusively, it is evident how much our approach to metastatic patients has changed, since...

  • Hyperthermia: how to open a therapeutic Center ?

    undeniable fact, and just as undeniable are the benefits that can be derived from its combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Unfortunately, in many areas of the world hyperthermia is a new practice, largely underestimated or ignored, which...


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