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  • The relationship with the doctor

    received a cosmological and anthropological basis, in the middle ages the disease and the relationship between doctor and patient were considered according to the Christological perspective, take the foreground in modern daily life and the individual as...

  • Hyperthermia: my experience

    therapy (when possible), in another particularly significant case, about the occurrence of a small cell lung cancer in a patient 74 years old, after running two different chemotherapic treatments, a third one was attempted, with topotecan as a single...

  • Faq

    effusion or ascites Is it an invasive procedure? No, the heat is delivered through in-depth probe on the skin of the patient at the patient body There are side effects worthy of note? No, the procedure is harmless Interferes with other treatments? No,...

  • Peritoneal carcinosis and hyperthermia

    Carcinomatosis of the peritoneum (peritoneal carcinomatosis) is a very frightening occurrence on the path of a patient suffering from cancer. The peritoneum is a serous membrane that covers and contains the abdominal viscera, keeping them anchored to...

  • Chromogranin A

    diagnosed. They include various kinds of substances produced in excess by the diseased cells which can be measured in the patient's plasma or serum. Among the different markers available to the clinical practice, there is the chromogranin A (CgA). The...

  • Oncological Hyperthermia a novel approach in cancer cure

    in detail about hyperthermia, it is worth illustrating its potentialities, the fields of application and its practice on patients. The equipment for deep oncologic hyperthermia is endowed with emitters (antennae) at 13.56 Mhz. which, positioned on the...

  • Hyperthermia: the state of the art

    in the interaction with the diseased cellular environment, but also the realization of equipment more suitable to the patient's treatment. The adjustable deep heat generated by the radio frequency, allows the treatment of a wide range of neoplasies; in...

  • Peritoneal carcinosis: role of hyperthermia

    of the peritoneum), in combination with chemo-hyperthermia during surgery. Let me explain: During the intervention the patient's abdomen is perfused with a combination of several chemotherapy drugs heated to about 42 ° C, so that tissue penetration....

  • The small cell lung cancer

    until the therapeutic effect is marginal, and the balance between risks and benefits becomes unfavourable for the patient. Standard front line treatment includes a combination of cisplatin and etoposide (with a schedule of three consecutive days of...

  • Liver metastases

    subverted by the presence of metastatic (or primitive) tumor tissue, it ceases to function properly. At that point, the patient begins to feel an unnatural torpor and falls into what is called hepatic coma. Before, the surgical approach to liver...

  • Port-a-cath (CVC)

    Very often I find myself discussing about the usefulness of the installation of a port-a-cath with the patient and his family members. What is it? It is a device implanted beneath the skin with deep cannulation of a vein that allows to always have a...

  • Neoadjuvant Hyperthermia

    surgery, in order to reduce the tumor mass. This kind of treatment is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy and generally, the patient delivered to the surgeon after this treatment is much more manageable. Hyperthermia can also be used as a neoadjuvant, and...


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