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    heat and therefore are pushed into apoptosis (programmed cell death). Furthermore, the increased flow of blood caused by local vasodilation, which occurs during therapy, ease the distribution of chemotherapy. Not least the local immune system is...

  • Peritoneal carcinosis and hyperthermia

    tissue, makes sure that chemotherapic drugs cannot properly reach their target. Another important prognostic factor is the localization of the organ where the tumor originated and hence its sensitivity to treatment. In fact, we must never forget that...

  • Peritoneal carcinosis: role of hyperthermia

    organs in whole or in part. Unfortunately, many tumors metastasize in this region of the body causing serious problems of local compression especially on the intestines. How to deal with this kind of situation? Recently, surgery, which in the past...

  • Port-a-cath (CVC)

    for patients in a terminal stage of illness. Moreover, the infusion of chemotherapic agents on peripheral veins may lead to local damage (extravasation or phlebitis), therefore the implantation of a port-a-cath is absolutely advisable. The intervention...

  • The small cell lung cancer

    as the anthracyclines (doxorubicin and epitubicina), irinotecan, carboplatin, the taxanes. Hyperthermia is used in cases of localization of radiologically documented disease. It can get a better local response time and is especially recommended in case...

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