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  • The relationship with the doctor

    medicine received a cosmological and anthropological basis, in the middle ages the disease and the relationship between doctor and patient were considered according to the Christological perspective, take the foreground in modern daily life and the...

  • Faq

    therapies if they are viable. I have a cancer of the colon. Whom should I contact? Firstly the surgeon to remove. Then the doctor will consider adjuvant chemotherapy. Hyperthermia is reserved for cases with metastatic involvement of the peritoneum. I...

  • Oncological Hyperthermia a novel approach in cancer cure

    homeostasis of cellular systems. Certain conditions are particularly favoured by hyperthermia. In my experience as oncology doctor, specialised in anti-tumour chemotherapy, I have been able to verify the usefulness of an integrated approach to oncologic...


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