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  • The small cell lung cancer

    characteristic should be verified by measuring the plasma CgA values or by octreoscan (x-ray procedure that verifies if the cancer has receptors that can bind octreotide). If a neuroendocrine active component shoud be present, it ispossible to combine...

  • The relationship with the doctor

    disease takes the form of a "sign code", a faulty transmission of information about cellular life. It is natural that the cancer should be considered in this frame of feeling, weaving what is the ideology of the disease. The diagnosis of cancer causes...

  • Oncological Hyperthermia a novel approach in cancer cure

    Hyperthermia in cancer therapy Hyperthermia is a useful technique for therapy on solid tumors, based on a radiofrequency of 13,56 MHz, applied to generate heat deep with tissues. Heat has always been object of study on the part of the medical science...

  • Medical staff

    Dr Carlo Pastore, medical - surgeon, a specialist in medical oncology and perfected in hyperthermia cancer clinic in 2001. Graduated in medicine and surgery with a score of 110/110 with honors from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" experimental...

  • Faq

    of therapy? Certainly, new studies are still going to have more efficacy data How does the treatment against the tumor? Cancer cells are less equipped to normal, having aberrant cell membranes, to resist heat and therefore are pushed into apoptosis...

  • Bibliography

    Bibliography on Hyperthermia Titolo Autori Editore Ca 19-9 in the monitoring of colorectal cancer after surgery. Med Oncol. 2001;18(3):237-8. No abstract available. PMID: 11917949 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Pastore C, Franchi F, Izzo P, Calió E...

  • Chromogranin A

    carcinoids, pancreatic neoplasias, medullary thyroid tumors, pheochromocytomas, the pulmonary and extrapulmonary small cell cancer and breast, prostate, colorectal, rectum, thymus, larynx, liver and cervix cancers. The usefulness of the CgA assay goes...

  • Hyperthermia: my experience

    During my activities related to the practice of hyperthermia in cancer therapy I was able to assess and treat many different cases. The common denominator in most cases is a disease which has reached a very advanced stage. Hyperthermia has almost...

  • Neoadjuvant Hyperthermia

    When a tumor is too extensive to be removed immmediately, you may use chemotherapy before the surgery, in order to reduce the tumor mass. This kind of treatment is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy and generally, the patient delivered to the surgeon...

  • Melanoma

    Among the skin cancers, Melanoma is certainly the most formidable. This tumor affects melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the substance which protects the body from the harmful effects of UV rays. Needless to say, excessive exposure to...

  • Hyperthermia: how to open a therapeutic Center ?

    Hyperthermia is rapidly and significantly growing in importance in the oncological practice and the number of patients who turn to this kind of ancillary combination therapy continues to rise. This is an undeniable fact, and just as undeniable are the...

  • Our Mission

    interaction and from the wish to make the general public aware of the existence of an effective method in the fight against cancer: hyperthermia. A tumor disease strikes the whole family as a raging storm, becoming not only disease for the individual,...

  • Peritoneal carcinosis and hyperthermia

    of the peritoneum (peritoneal carcinomatosis) is a very frightening occurrence on the path of a patient suffering from cancer. The peritoneum is a serous membrane that covers and contains the abdominal viscera, keeping them anchored to the abdomen wall....

  • Hyperthermia Center

    Center for Oncological Hyperthermia . Dr. Carlo Pastore Oncologist. Center for hyperthermic cancer therapy in Rome


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